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Okay I Ve Made My Espresso Now What Do I Do With The Milk


Okay I Ve Made My Espresso Now What Do I Do With The Milk

Okay I Ve Made My Espresso Now What Do I Do With The Milk


I followed all of the instructions for making espresso at home. I invested in a decent espresso machine. I learnt how to identify the best-tasting espresso beans and how to grind them to the proper fineness.


I was able to slide the grinds-in device, known as a portafilter, into the coffee maker, lock it in place, turn it on, and let her rip. Excellent coffee!



Knowing how to steam dairy


  • However, a cappuccino was on my mind.
  • Sue had a hankering for a cappuccino.
  • It's time to figure out how to make the dairy steamed.


  1. Sue prefers nonfat milk because she is always on a diet.
  2. Low-fat and non-fat milk foam readily, as I discovered.
  3. It takes a little longer time to become used to hmcts dairy.
  4. If you want a breve, do that with quarter.


  • Some espresso machines come with a steam nozzle built in, while others do not.
  • It's possible that you'll need to invest in a steamer separately.
  • I suggest purchasing an espresso machine with a built-in grinder.
  • It helps you save room.



Cooling chrome-plated milk jugs


A first step is to chill the chrome - plated pitchers and milk together in the freezer. Always begin with them frozen. Then there was the matter of forgetting to fill the pitchers about a quarter to half full. Once milk is heated, it expands dramatically.


It really only needs one time for the pitchers too froth up, overflowing, and spill to remind you to begin with a pitchers that is no and over halfway full.



The milk will start to foam up


Make sure to place the sprayer on the drink's bottom and set the steam to maximum. The milk will begin to foam, so keep lowering the pitcher until the nozzle is just below the beer's surface.


A quarter should be enough. So when the foam actually starts to rise, you can either reduce the pressure or remove the pitcher. Our milk is almost at the boiling point at this time.


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