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Coffee How Do You Like Yours

Coffee How Do You Like Yours


Even though preparing coffee is one of the simplest things on earth, people are always coming up with new and more sophisticated ways to make it.


People grow used to things like cappuccinos and lattes and start asking how to make them at home because we live in an evolved coffee culture where coffee is the most popular beverage on the planet.


Some people get into the trap of purchasing instant coffee shop beverages, which invariably taste inferior, rather than brewing the drinks themselves at home.



making coffee


The first key point to remember about coffee-making is that, despite the fancy labels, there is no variation of coffee-shop coffee that is especially difficult to brew.


An Americano is simply a cup of coffee with hot water on the side and milk on the side. Coffee, milk, and bubbling milk are combined in a cappuccino, which is generally topped with chocolate sauce.


A latte is a drink of milky coffee, while a mocha is the same thing but with chocolate. A coffee with frothed milk on top is known as a "macchiato."


Each fancy name basically refers to a combination of coffee, cream, and froth (plus, on rare occasions, chocolate), with the rest being a matter of appearance.



Espresso machine makes coffee


An espresso machine makes the coffee in each drink, and a basic espresso machine is all you actually need to get started brewing coffee at home: once you can put beans in the top and receive espresso out the bottom, there aren't many additional things you'll need.


This simple reality means that if you know what you've been doing, there's not really much of a difference between both the cheapest and also most expensive coffee makers.


To make your coffee stronger, simply add more espresso; to produce the various cocktails, simply use varying amounts of the individual additives.


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