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Espresso Or Cappucino How To Add Some Oomph Into Your Cuppa

Espresso Or Cappucino How To Add Some Oomph Into Your Cuppa


Espresso Or Cappucino How To Add Some Oomph Into Your Cuppa

Extra power is the complex inside feeling of that hint of pressure that comes when drinking coffee, which is unexplainable yet real."


"I became a long-time tea drinker who preferred tea to other beverages until I got a new helper one day. I was working as a stock and share dealer representative at the time, which meant I was always in the trading room, and it was a really stressful workplace.


So, taking a pause to have a cup of tea before returning to trading and checking the trading displays for the best pricing was the ideal break.



make a drink


It was fascinating to see my new assistant, a lovely girl in her mid-twenties, create her drink.


She didn't drink tea like I did. Instead, she was a coffee enthusiast, perhaps even a coffee addict. She took three packets of instant coffee 3 in 1 – meaning instant coffee, sweetener, and ou pas creamer – from her luggage on the first day at work, and continued to empty the three packages into one cup, adding hot water, and producing a strong coffee.


She wasn't done yet, since she opened another pack of chocolate powder and sprinkled it on top of her steaming coffee, filling the trade room with a delicious perfume.



That was some “oomph” in her coffee


  1. After 3 years, I discovered that I was no longer a tea drinker and was instead drinking coffee. It was a slow process, but I quickly realized I needed the coffee in the afternoon trading session.
  2. Looking back, I've learned a lot of strategies for giving my coffee extra "oomph."
  3. One method is to enhance the flavor using some unique components.



Extra ingredients


Powdered hawthorn is my most popular add-on component. American ginseng is a traditional Chinese herb that comes in the form of a root, and it is preferred over Korean or Chinese ginseng.


When consumed, this herb makes one attentive and is commonly used to enhance one's immune system or physique. The Natural Herb Store sells ginseng powder as well as pills that can be emptied into a cup of tea when you need a boost.


Keep in mind that hawthorn root powder has a little bitter flavor. As a result, don't confuse quantity with "oomph." You only need a small amount to achieve the desired aroma and "oomph."



Use carefully and carefully


Another option is to use "tongkat ali" root flour, which is a little more difficult to come by. This root comes from a Malaysian plant, but it's a well-herbal root with aphrodisiac properties. The aborigines of Malaysia's tropical woods employ this to enhance their "maniless," as seen by their large families.


This Tonkat Ali powder is sold commercially under the brand name "Power Root" and may be found all over the world. Simply by adding a small pinch, you will notice a difference in your taste and feel a sense of well-being.


Whether it's an espresso or a latte, you can now have that extra edge and "oomph" with your next cup of coffee.


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